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"What, no pho?!?!"  That's right, we are one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to not sell pho.  Instead, we serve the best Vietnamese Style Beef Stew in Calgary.  Beef Stew is a very popular dish in the Vietnamese culture.  This dish is made with Alberta's finest beef, stewed for countless hours until tender.  If Beef Stew is not your type of soup, we also offer our Vô Special Dill Soup that is served with shrimp, fish cakes and rice vermicelli noodles.  This is also a very popular dish that comes from northern Vietnam.

In a hurry to get back to the office?  Come grab one of our delicious meals to take back to your office and continue to work away.  We are able to cater to everyone's schedule, whether you have the time to sit down and  dine in or to quickly grab some take away through our window.  You will never be disappointed from our consistently delicious food.

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